6 Month Goal Check-In

At the beginning of this year I started a campaign entitled 12 Goals.  The purpose was to simply inspire myself and those around me to think of at least one goal a month that would help them get to their long-term goals.  I have a hard time following up on the goals that I create in the new year because I write them down in my new journal, on a fresh page and tuck them away.  But now I am on a 30/31 day deadline; I am forced to constantly reevaluate my goals and check back in more frequently.  I have used each month to create micro goals that will lead me to my macro goals.

So today I decided to check in with myself.  See where I was at the mid-way point.  From a broader perspective, this year has been extremely productive but focusing on the past few months, I realized that I allowed myself to fall back on old habits. I started to focus on my long-term goals instead of the goals that I needed to achieve  to make meaningful steps instead of struggle leaps. The hectic time of graduation and transitioning into Bar Prep mode created the perfect excuse for me to neglect what has helped me be successful thus far.

So today I decided to gather my thoughts, take a walk in the warmth of a beautiful day and figure out my primary goals.  For me, nothing matters but passing the bar.  For the next two months my daily focus will be reviewing information, translating this information into essay format and answer weirdly worded questions.  That is the only thing that matters, so that is my goal for the next two months.

Having one goal that you work on for a few months is better than having many that you never achieve.  The most important thing is not the number of goals you cross off the list, but the fact that you are navigating through life with a purpose and constantly focused on the big picture.

Take a moment and analyze your successes and any regrets.  Things you may have put off that could have actually been done.  Whether you have achieved the things you set out to accomplish or made a bed of excuses to lay in and complain about.  Decide today what you need to do to get to the next big step! In December you should feel accomplished at all the little steps forward you made and maybe even those that lead to confident leaps.

Reassess.  Reorganize.  Refocus.  Be you.  Do you.  Tell your own story.  On your own terms.


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