Nobody Owes You Anything

Nobody owes you anything.  Not your parents, your friends or your loved ones.  No matter how much you have sacrificed, supported or submitted for them, their present or future decisions do not have to benefit you or your dreams.  This premise sounds harsh and unnatural, but it is reality.  Once you are able to separate your success for others support, you realize that with or without them you will still get the job done.

When you go through life with an attitude that you are owed nothing from anyone, you are more likely to give freely to everyone you come in contact with.  If your love is not conditioned on a returned gift, you love, give and engage without limits.  There is a sense of freedom that comes with this spirit and a counter spirit that burdens you to continuously invest and inspire others.

If you wake up thinking that someone owes you something that they will never give, you will lie in wait wasting precious time going through unnecessary turmoil for a promise that you never received.  Your expectations in life will determine your outlook, your connections and how far you will rise.  There is a sense of power that comes with this mind-set.  You aren’t waiting for one person to enrich you, so you are welcoming when others see something in you and support you in ways you could have never predicted.

When your mind and spirit are free from chains that connect you to people who cannot see the dream, you begin to adopt their way of thinking and self-doubt creeps in and takes over.  But when you release the chains from everyone and appreciate the love of support from anyone, you give the key to your success to the universe.  Instead of forcing your way through doors, doors suddenly begin to open for you.  Instead of begging for opportunities, opportunities suddenly show up at your door step.  Instead of waiting for something to happen, you start grinding and putting in the work to make sure you are ready for YOUR moment.

One monkey don’t stop no show.  These aren’t just words but an attitude that allows you to step over, around or go under anyone who is in your way.  Change your mind then you will change your perception.  Change your perception and you will see things that were always there but you were too blind to see.  Your brain sees, but your eyes project.  So when my professor said, “You see and you see,” I understood the second see was going to happen when I changed my mind to see differently.

Life is too short to wait for unfulfilled promises.  If you wait for that promise to be fulfilled, you may miss out on many others that would have helped you to fulfill your mission.  The only person that is holding you up is you.  Be you.  Do you.  Tell your own story.  On your own terms.



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