Bar Prep Mantras

I have tried to keep myself encouraged through this entire process, as well as encouraging others who I know may be just as anxious as I am.  I started to stick Post-it notes on my wall to remind me of mnemonics, but I realized that I need some positive affirmation to remind me to PUSH through this process. I sent a few to a friend who returned the favor with a few that touched my heart. I hope that everyone I know and don’t know who are preparing for the bar has an amazing support system like I do to help get them through these last few days. 

Mantras of Affirmation

I WILL pass the bar! 

I will take the bar and not let the bar take me. -Shemer Instructors

There is no Fear in Faith! 

Stay focused!

You will win!

Don’t Give Up! Don’t Ever Give Up! -Jimmy V.

Stay strong, you are almost there.

5 Deep Breaths! 

I read carefully. I think. I spot issues. I use facts. I pass. -Shemer Bar Prep

I am a UNICORN. I will pass! -A dear friend who I love

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. -Diddy

Hold on, don’t quit. God’s on your side. -Mississippi Mass Choir 

My amazing friend sent me these today:

I am smart. I am strong. I am ready. 

You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you. 

The more you fail today, the less you fail tomorrow. 

We will pass! 



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