Flip A Coin: Be Decisive in Your Decision Making

If you have ever struggled with making very important decisions, this post will give you an option to apply on your next big decision.  Don’t think about it.  Just try it.


The only wrong decision is indecision. All others are just a variation of the best decision. –Ronald Allen Smith

 I grew up sheltered, protected, and guided. I am the oldest child of three and as far back as my memory will allow I hung on to every letter of my parents’ words. Everything my parents said to do, whether I liked it or not, I complied. Once applied, their words of wisdom usually led me down the right path, so I never felt the need to deviate from their instructions or find my own way. This was so until I went away to college. Immediately I was bombarded with decisions. From the miniscule task of deciding what to eat for the day, to the mountainous decision of deciding my major and career. My Libra instincts always seem to place me in the middle of a decision because I can easily argue why both sides would be best for me. Even after consulting friends and family on many of life’s dilemmas, it always boiled down to the fact that the decisions (as well as the repercussions) were mine alone to handle. So after many years of fumbling through life (and months in therapy, LOL) I have finally decided on a foolproof procedure for making decisions.


Things are always much clearer once written down. In your head you can argue the pros and cons for an infinite amount of time going around in circles. However, when you write something down it becomes plain and clear and all of the little nuances of a decision are written in black and white for you to analyze.


What’s the best and worse thing that can happen if you choose side A? What’s the best and worse thing that can happen if you choose side B?


Discussing your dilemma with TRUSTED friends and family will give you a fresh perspective and possibly bring up some things that you did not consider. However, at this step BE VERY CAREFUL. We all have our own individual beliefs and ways of approaching situations. So take advice with a grain salt, because what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander.


One of my best friends swears by flipping coins. I’ve known her for forever, and up until a month ago thought she was insane for letting a head or tail decide her life’s delicate steps. However, she introduced me to I Ching or Book of Changes by Brian Browne Walker, and the book has literally changed my life. I am completely anti-hocus pocus but this book is seriously the truth.


Regardless of what decisions we make in life, if you lead a life worth living, there will be no straight and easy path. Once you make the decision that is best for you, don’t let life sway you from that decision. I am not saying don’t change your mind ever, however, be very careful how quickly you change and the reasons for which you are changing. Things take time, hard work, and great effort to work out. So if at first glance it seems like you made the wrong decision, stick it out for a little while and see how things go.

REMEMBER: The only wrong decision in life is indecision. All others are just a variation of the best decision.


Courtney Edwards is a mother, teacher, real estate extraordinaire making her way through life one breath at a time.

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