The Fork in the Road

Many times we say that we want to change, but our actions continue to contradict our words.  We ask for wisdom, guidance, and second chances, but with all of those things we still go against what we know may be best for us.  After getting tired of being in the same place every year, I decided that I had to do something different.  I began to work on my character flaws one by one.  I received life lessons through mentors, counseling, and by reading books.

All of these things helped me to see how I could be better.  After dealing with the issue for a period of time, I would suddenly notice that the flaw that I was trying to overcome was suddenly in front of me in the form of a test.  I had a choice to make that I am sure came up many times before, but I missed it because I was blind to the mess I was in.  I noticed the test this time, and picked the right way and I immediately felt relief.  This is how I dealt with my anger, past pain, bad relationships, poor choices, and a host of other things that I dealt with and continue to deal with daily.

I truly want to be a better person tomorrow than I am today.  Although I have come a long way from the 20 year old college student that would pop off and show out, I still have much further to go.  I realize that many times we get entrenched in the “woe is me” mindset instead of being introspective. Look at yourself and see why things continue to go the way they are going. If you continue to go down the wrong side of the road once you reach that fork, you will never get out that destructive cycle.

It is very easy to see others mistakes and poor choices, but it is so hard to see our own. The time spent on the lives of others will be better spent on yourself. If you are stuck in a cycle of life that you cannot get out of, decide that you are ready to break free, pray and meditate, and look out for that fork in the road moment. The test will come, but you have to be prepared.

Break free. Be excellent. Change your life. Change your mind. Be you. Do you. Tell your own story. On your own terms.


4 thoughts on “The Fork in the Road

  1. Hi Irnise….It’s funny how while in the midst of one’s “mess” there are so many others experiencing the same thing. I know we all are very different and unique. The lives we lead, our personal, family, professional and sometimes spiritual are as different and unique as thousands of blades of grass in a field. One commonality, I think we have, is the decision making process when we come upon that “fork in the road” you mentioned. In all the differences, everyone still must make a choice. I struggle with making choices that are best for me. I feel the woman I am today is so much stronger and focused than the women (and young woman) that I used to be. However, when making decisions that (based on my past experiences) I know are good for me, sometimes, those closest to me, those who I’ve been told are heavenly sent, can give me their “take” “outlook” “thought” on the matter and I’m back to the young girl feeling unsure of myself and questioning what I thought to be right and good for me. My struggle (in which I pray for help/guidance daily) is that I make the right choices and to be confident without a shadow of a doubt that I’ve made the right decision. I have to know when to listen to the “white noise” of others and tune it out, and when to accept the advice/input of others as my heavenly Father speaking through them and adhere to what’s being said to me. Eating humble pie, admitting when I’m wrong, seeing others perspectives are things I have to do daily. Sometimes it comes very easy to me. Other times, not so much. It’s hard pill to swallow when those closet to you say whatever is needed to make the situation beneficial for them. Their words are so silky smooth they’re not even aware of what they do but constantly belittle and judge your every move. It’s hurtful and makes me exhausted to engage in pointless banter when no matter what’s said, I’m the one wrong. Not sure if this is a comment, question, or maybe just to ponder when looking in that proverbial mirror, to ensure that that mess your standing in is not because you refused to see the role you played but to ensure you are looking at the real you ( and not the “you” others have painted you out to be). Being sure that in all of your personal experiences, in the end, your in this thing called life for your best interest (and those entrusted to you). All the best to you and yours

    • This is a safe space. You know the answer to all that is going in. Be confident and follow your instinct. You haven’t come this far by simply being a follower or allowing others to invade your head. Reserve some things for yourself. Be confident however it works because God has a plan that may not be a straight path but one that will get us to our destiny. If you ever want to post another guest blog under your name or anonymously let me know. It’s very therapeutic.

  2. That is a good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.

    Simple but very accurate information… Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

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