Whenever You Are Ready

i started writing a long blog post about finding my happy place, which then lead me to discussing my financial mistakes and I realized that I have reached a point where I need to put all of the pieces of my life, my thoughts, and my lessons together in a book. I am constantly working on so many things at one time that I put important things on the shelf to do things that are not as important. My longer blog post showed me that I am ready to look at my life from varying perspectives and dig deep to share my truth.

This blog was my therapy throughout the end of law school and while I was searching for my life as an unemployed law grad with two degrees. Although I feel obligated to keep posting and sharing, I feel that this blog has served its purpose and will remain active while I go through the process of writing my book, but will only be used if I feel the urge to get something out that is short and sweet.

Thank you to everyone who has ever subscribed, read, and commented on my blog. This has been a labor of love that I know was worth every minute and has brought me to the place I am at now. The universe is saying to me, “Whenever you are ready.” I am finally ready to respond, “I am ready.”

Be blessed. Be you. Do you. Tell your own story. On your own terms.