Why I Am Perfect

Job hunting in a recovering economy is a job in itself.  Many of my classmates have worked diligently and found positions that will lay the foundation to their career.  Then there are the people like me: the one who passed over many positions instead of just applying and starting somewhere, to find a position that is idealistic.  I left my last career because I wanted to make a greater impact on people and patients outside of a hospital environment.  But over the last few months I have realized that there isn’t a job out there that encompasses all of the things that I desire to do, so I need to put my idealism to the side and find a job.

The hunt is on.  I am open to opportunities that will help me grow as a young attorney, while still giving me a great work/life balance.  Those two things I cannot compromise and will clearly express them in my interviews…when I get one.

One of my favorite questions is,”What makes you perfect for this job?”  As I enjoyed my moment of peace today, I started thinking about what makes me perfect for any job.  As we have progressed professionally, many of us have forgotten that degrees, resumes and life experiences alone don’t make a person perfect for a position, but their chemistry, their personality and their drive is what people are going to look at once they are at the table.

So for me, when I answer this question, I am going to speak to all of the things that make me perfect.  I am dedicated.  I have always taken the time to learn the necessary skills to be a great employee at every job that I have ever had; from Shop Rite, to being a server, a teller all the way to my job as a nurse.  I love being right, so I am going to do what is necessary to make sure that I am doing my job to the best of my ability.  I show up early, stay late and go above and beyond because I know that it is necessary for my growth.

I am a fast learner.  I love being right (clearly), so I try to learn my job, as well as other people’s jobs just in case I have to step in during a time of need.  When I first started as a student nurse at Hopkins, I was in Urology (shout out to the best team at the Johns Hopkins Hospital), and I learned all of the skills I needed to do those surgeries and took any opportunity available to learn from other technicians and nurses who worked in other specialties.  I enjoyed the challenges that came with learning new things.  My first weekend out of orientation as a nurse was one filled with trauma and emergencies, and no one could tell that was my first time at the rodeo.

I love to learn.  I love challenges.  I love people.  I love to be right (just in case you didn’t know, now you do).  I am perfect because I invest my all in everything that I do, which makes me right for any job that I am applying for.  These characteristics are not written on a resume, in the descriptions of any of my positions or clear through my transcripts (grades aren’t everything so beat it).  I am perfect for any job because of who I am.  My genuineness. My fortitude.  My passion.

This is a reminder to us all to look beyond what we have done and start to expressing who we really are outside of the obvious.  We are greater than the sums of our applications or any individual accomplishment or failure that we have experienced.  Our distinct differences are what makes us great people to be around, to learn from, to grow with.  We are all perfect in our own respects.  As long as you are only trying to be the best you that there is, there is no real competition out there that can challenge you or step to you for that title.  In a busy city setting, we are so used to passing out business cards, but we are immune to getting to know who people really are.

As we enjoy the sweet weeks of summer, challenge yourself to get to know people beyond their business card, job title or financial status.  For those of us mounting up to get back on the saddle and ride to our dream job and for those who have been on that road too long, know that you are great and all you need is an opportunity to get to the interview to tell them who you really are.  When asked this question, make sure you are not harping on just your experiences, but those unique details that set you apart from the rest.

Be perfect. Be you.  Do you.  Tell your own story.  On your own terms.

Enjoy the Moment

Moms thoughts


A friend posted this image on her Instagram yesterday and it made me realize how even though my son is out of time for the summer, I am still not enjoying my quiet time in the shower.  I get into the shower with the end already in mind.  I have not seized one moment this summer to just stop and take a bath or a long shower that is free of my rambling thoughts.  I get in and think of how far behind I am in studying for the bar, how much housework I have not done, how I need to let the dog out and oh yea, dinner.  Despite having a huge weight of responsibility lifted off of my shoulders, I am still weighed down with…everything.

Reading the meme yesterday made me realize that I need to stop living for the end of the day and start enjoying each moment.  I am 18 days away from the biggest exam of my life and I have not once began to appreciate the fact that I was afforded a free bar prep course, I don’t have to balance the rigorous schedule of being a parent while studying, and I have a perfectly quiet home to study in all day.  These major blessings are things that many others do not have and can only wish for.

So, for the next 18 days I am going to enjoy studying, enjoy making flashcards, enjoy writing essays and reviewing my wrong answers.  I am going to enjoy these last few days of quiet showers without a little hand peeping in and sleeping in past 5 am or whatever random time Deuce decides to get up.  I am going to enjoy not having to watch Cailou, Mickey Mouse or any other children’s show or avoiding watching adult shows around my little sponge.  I am going to enjoy not having to fight traffic, rush to the baby sitter and rush home to do more work.  I am going to enjoy making everything spicy like my husband and I like it.  I am going to enjoy every adult conversation that I can engage in without being interrupted.  I am going to enjoy the blessing of having my son in a house full of love for an entire summer to spend time with family that adores him and would love to keep him if I said the word.

And when my son gets home I am going to enjoy all of his hugs, kisses and questions.  I am going to enjoy his excursions, curiosity and frustration. I am going to embrace his thirst for knowledge, exploration and sometimes peeing on the floor instead of in the pot.  I am going to enjoy our naps, our late nights and early mornings.  I am going to stop missing what could be and enjoying what is.  My heart has been longing for him, but I know that him being here would make me pull my hair out because I would not be able to get my work done.

We are all living lives longing for things that we cannot have at the moment, instead of enjoying and making the best of the right now.  We all want to be on a beach, but nothing is stopping us from putting on a bathing suit and turning on the sprinklers or laying out tanning and imaging the fresh air of Turks and Caicos.  We all want the best job in the world that we enjoy and enriches someone else’s life but nothing is stopping us from taking a few hours of our free time to volunteer and make a large impact on the lives of a few.  We all want something different, instead of appreciating the great things that are going on right now and being patient as time catches up to our other desires.

So many people say how they didn’t enjoy their wedding, the birth of their child, their graduation or other major moments in life because they were worried about all of the wrong things.  Let us focus on the right, the right now and the reality that if we can make the most of today, those dreams of tomorrow will be that much sweeter!

Enjoy the moment. Take it all in.  The good.  The bad.  The ugly.  The easy.  The hard.  The real.  If you cannot change your right now, figure out how to make the best of it.  Enjoy the moment.  Be you.  Do you.  Tell your own story.  On your own terms.

My FREE Nurse/Lawyer Advice

As a recipeint of two very vital degrees, I have come to realize that people will call you at random times, on random days for random things.  And that is okay because that means they value my opinion and trust that I will provide sound advice.  But there are a few things that I would like to share from a nursing perspective and from a legal perspective that everyone should know.  This is very basic information that is available on the internet, told to us in various ways, but yet we still don’t listen.  So here goes my free advice that is neither legally binding or information you should solely depend on but key information to consider.

Nursing Advice

1. If you are having an ache, pain, weird feeling or just have not been to the doctor in a long time, please GO TO THE DOCTOR.  If you call me with a mystery disease, I am going to tell you, “Go to the doctor!” I will not be held liable for anyones misdiagnosis and failed opportunity to treat because they listened to me as I Googled their symptoms.

2. If you or your loved one is in the hospital for 30 seconds or 30 days, please make sure that someone is present with you/them during visiting hours to watch everything that people are doing and to make sure your family member is being treated right.  Additionally, make sure EVERYONE (doctor, nurse, tech, aide) washes their hands as they come and go. Hospital acquired infections KILL.

3. If you do not have insurance, it does not meant that you should neglect your health.  There are opportunities to get your blood pressure checked, free clinics, ambulatory services and other forms of free treatment that you can access to maintain your health until you get some type of coverage.  Do not be above seeking government funded medical insurance because although we may be on the younger side of life, diseases have no boundaries.

4. Sign up to be a donor. Honestly, I am not sure why people don’t want to donate their organs if they die because you can take them with you but they won’t be doing you any good anymore.  I can spit statistics on racial demographics of those who donate and those who do not but we all know the basics and the only solution is that you sign up to donate your organs so that someone doesn’t have to decide later.

Read. Share. Sign up.



5. This is nurse/lawyerish (i.e. covers both areas): Let your medical desires be known to your family.  It would be great if everyone had a Living will aka advance directive, a document that advises your family of your medical wishes if your health fails, but knowing the average person (including myself), this is not on our priority list.  So, in order to minimize any potential drama, discuss your wishes with your closest family members and make sure everyone is on the same page and clear.  You can memorialize it unofficially and then take the final step and get an official advance directive.  (I can let you know how much this costs later).

Lawyerish (I am not a barred attorney and therefore my statements are that of experience and basic rights of the Constitution)

1. Create a Will.  This is different from a living will because this directs what will happen to your personal property and who will get what.  We all know what happens when people do not create wills.  Family drama at the funeral but this can all be avoided by simply getting a will well in advance of any incidents and keeping it updated.  For this you need a lawyer.  Not a generalized form you found online but a barred attorney who can guide you through the process and protect your interest.

2. BE CAUTIOUS WHEN TALKING TO THE POLICE. This is not apart of the anti-snitching campaign but serious advice for anyone who may encounter a police officer for any other reason than seeking help. Read this in its entirety and share with everyone you know: https://www.aclu.org/drug-law-reform-immigrants-rights-racial-justice/know-your-rights-what-do-if-you.  The  ACLU lays it out clearly.

3. DO NOT FIGHT THE POLICE. If you feel that you are being wrongfully arrested, do not hit a police officer. You will be charged with a crime even if they find that they did not have the right to arrest you.  The article above discusses this topic also. Although this will not stop all police brutality, it will keep innocent parties from going to jail.

4. Find a lawyer.  Everyone should have a lawyers number handy.  Seriously.  If you ever run into a lawyer and they give you their business card, keep it.  You never know when you will need them.  Surprisingly, life happens and having a lawyer on speed dial will help you get through those first few rough moments.

5. Know your rights.  This is not just in a criminal setting but even at work or as a property owner.  Knowing your rights can save you from being fired or losing your home.  Read your job’s employee handbook and follow the rules.  Air on the side of caution or ask for clarification if you have questions.  Know your rights and responsibilities as a property owner.  There are still many predatory lenders seeking to devour new home owners and you do not want to be that person that loses their investment because you did not read the fine print.  Be clear. Ask questions. Know what you don’t know and get more information on that.


DISCLAIMER: None of what is stated in this blog is legally binding.  If you read any of this advice and depend on it and attempt to sue me, you will only get dust because I owe a mansion in student loans.  This in no way is meant to create an attorney-client relationship.