Mirror Image

When you look in the mirror you see the opposite you.  No matter how hard we work, if you are always checking the mirror to make sure you are perfect, you are bogged down by that opposite image.  You can be successful, but you see failure.  You can be strong, but you see weakness.  You can be beautiful, but all you see are the minor blemishes that no one notices.  The mirror image can make you feel defeated.  It never shows you how far you have come.  It doesn’t show what it took for you to look this great.  It does not show the days you cared too much or cared too little.  It only shows you the opposite image at that moment.

In our haste to be perfect we must slow down and take the time to see how other people see our successes and strength.  They are able to remember when we were at our worst and at our best.  They can remind us how we were when we overcame the biggest obstacles of our lives.  They can see our weaknesses and instead of harping on them, they can remove them through encouragement. No one is perfect.  We all struggle to get to success.  Everyone has a story and staying in the mirror won’t show us anymore of that story.

The point is mainly to check the mirror when necessary but don’t remain there because the world does not need the opposite you, but that woman who is beautiful, strong and fearless.  Be you.  Do you.  Live in your truth.  Tell your story.  On your own terms.