Finding Your Purpose

In this age of technology we have become so connected to others that we are disconnected with ourselves.  We know what everyone else is doing and wearing, what the hottest trends are, the newest fads, yet we don’t know what steps to take to be a player in the game of life instead of a spectator on the sidelines.  So we hear some great advice and go and try it, then hear some more advice and go and try that, get disengaged with it all, take a poll, an online quiz, a Buzzfeed aptitude test, yet this doesn’t get us any further than we already were.  We search for this deep revelation, life changing “aha” moment and lose out on the time that could have been used on doing what matters most.  There is no blog, YouTube video, Buzzfeed quiz that will tell you what is right for you.  In the complexity of technology, we feel that the simple answer is the wrong answer.  The thing that makes us the happiest is clearly not going to make us rich.  But that pure, effortless and authentic joy that comes when you are doing what you love is why you are here.  The activity that makes your light shine the brightest, that inspires others and makes you feel excited to be around you.  Self-help books are not psychics but words that help you process your thoughts and emotions and elevate your thinking to another level.  They are discussing ways to get to your dreams.  Fasting, meditation and bucket lists are examples of ways to get right back to where you already knew you wanted to be.


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