Plant the Seeds

A young lady reached out to me via social media to ask me about my journey. This broad question was asked in relation to career paths and remaining positive. We had a few hit and miss connections, but we ended up speaking last night for a few minutes and I realized then that our stories are all very unique, but they are the blue print for someone who desires to be where you are.

I fast forwarded through the dramatics of my life and focused more on how to persevere, how to stay positive, and how to plant seeds. Perseverance is not something that can be taught, but a passion or fire that makes you continue towards a goal that seems impossible. I told her how I struggled to pay for college, but no matter what came my way, I never gave up. My goal was to become a nurse, complete Howard, and work at the best hospital in the world and I did all of that because I pushed through the mess. It may not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

Remaining positive when you are not where you want to be is extremely difficult, but it is up to you to see the positive in what seems to be a negative situation. Many times the positive is not glaring you in the face and you have to search for it, but finding it helps put the pieces together that seemed to not fit together before. Another tool in remaining positive is to shut out or quickly compartmentalize any negativity that people may throw your way. You may reach a point where you are comfortable with your circumstances and here comes a negative spirit trying to analyze your situation for you. They may ask you to look around at everyone else your age, or to look at people who are where you want to be, or simply tell you that you should just abandon your dreams. Those people do not belong in your presence and you have to be strong enough to allow your peace to reign over their pessimism.

Planting seeds in life is how you give back to those who are coming behind you. I wish I could have been this introspective at 18, 20, or even 25. I explained to her that somethings in life just comes with time. I feel as if someone may have told me these things years ago, but I did not believe them because I had my own plan in my mind. Even when you feel that someone is not listening, it is still very important to drop those gems of wisdom so that when their heart is ready to listen, they will have something positive to push them through. You can only accept the truth when you have stopped your thoughts and opened your heart. Prayer and meditation is everything.

I always say that, “I am where I am supposed to be.” Even when I do not believe it, feel like it, or want to accept it. Your journey may not look like someone else’s or have a platform as large as another person’s, but you have the power to be the example of excellence for someone else. Someone wants to be where you are, even if you do not think it is the best place to be. There is a place for your voice, your wisdom, and your experiences.

Keep shining light on the good and the bad. The children are watching. Plant the seeds. Be you. Do you. Tell your own story. On your own terms.


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